This is me, as a Teacher of All Kinds of Students

A practicum student from Murray State University recently asked me for advice as a special education teacher. As I began to jot down my advice, I thought that the parents of my students should know my philosophy, as well. This philosophy does not apply to just my students receiving special education services, it is my philosophy for my students in the regular education setting, as well. I am blessed to serve students in both areas, and I pray that none of them ever see themselves as less capable than another. I am

This is how I approach every day with your students. This was my advice to this future teacher:

  • Every student is different – find what works best for that student.
  • Every student deserves to be loved, love them, and love what they love.
  • Build a strong relationship with their families.
  • Be an advocate for your students even when it’s tough, but always be gentle when you must advocate.
  • There will be times that you will also need to be an advocate for the families of your students.
  • Set high expectations – these students will need to be productive members of society. They will not have accommodations as adults, so above all else, teach them how to be their best without you.
  • Don’t be easy on them, be kind, but don’t let them get by with mediocrity.
  • Even though I know that it’s not reality for all, my plan for each of my students is for them to one day not need an IEP. Empower them with that goal in mind.
  • Lastly, enjoy them, see their strengths and learn from them – they will teach you more than you will ever teach them.

The Good Doctor

This television show’s pilot aired on ABC Monday night. We set it to record on our DVR and got the time to watch it last night with my husband. It is real, it is good, it is really good. If you have someone close to you with Autism, I encourage you to add it to your watch list.

It continues to amaze me how each person was created perfectly. Each of my students has been created for a very special purpose and plan. I count it an honor to help them along this journey.

Apple & Eve Juice

My children love these fruit juices, and they are real fruit!! They are 100% organic. If you see them the next time your are at the grocery, I encourage you to give them a try. My kids prefer the Berry Berry flavor, but they actually love all of them.

It’s hard to be calm

We often wonder what it’s like to experience anxiousness as a child. 

I’m at a training this morning, and the presenter just shared an analogy that really hit home with me.

Imagine the anxiety they feel as you imagine the feelings you would have if you were told you had 5 minutes to prepare to present 15 minutes on a subject in front of a large crowd.